Join the HeartSmart KidsTM online community and become a certified HeartSmart Kids™ educator and build a heart-healthy community! The program uses a fun and effective approach to help students learn to make healthy choices that will guide them throughout their lives.

If you are a teacher or health educator of students in grades K-6, register and complete the short and convenient training to become an official HeartSmart Kids™ educator – certificate included! After completing the training you will have access to background information on each health topic, online support, plus easy ordering of comprehensive print resources for every student, which are renewable every year for each new class – all for free!

For new educators, once you’ve registered and are certified, you are for life! Login and click “Re-order” every year to receive free resources for every new class.

Thank you for building a healthier generation of children and youth through HeartSmart Kids™ and with Heart & Stroke!

Welcome to HeartSmart Kids™

Discover the steps you need to take to become a HeartSmart Kids™ educator and receive your free full color printed learning materials below. Interested? Scroll down to see the steps you must complete to receive your materials.

Registration: Create a Profile

All educators need to register and create a profile, but once you’ve registered you will be able to simply re order without completing the training again.

Register Now


Log In

Using your email & password, log into your personal HeartSmart Kids™ account.

Log In

Complete the online tool or attend an in person workshop.

To complete the online tool, travel along the path and learn about heart-health and the resources you and your students will be receiving. Finish all the steps in order to become a Certified HeartSmart Educator and receive a PDF certificate of your achievement.

You can also attend an in person workshop in order to become eligible to order your teaching materials online.


Order & Post Workshops Order

Once you’ve either completed all of the activities, or attended an in person workshop, you will be eligible to order print materials for your students. Place an order for delivery or pick up to receive your print materials.

Receive Materials

Use the background information on each health topic, online support, and comprehensive print resources for every student to guide your lessons on educating a healthier generation of children and youth through HeartSmart Kids™ and with Heart & Stroke!



After you have become a Certified HeartSmart Kids™ Educator you can simply re-order your print materials without having to complete the online learning component, just log in, confirm your information, and place your order.