HeartSmart Kids™

Join the HeartSmart KidsTM online community and become a certified HeartSmart Kids™ educator and build a heart-healthy community in your school or neighbourhood! The program uses a fun and effective approach to help students learn to make healthy choices that will guide them throughout their lives.

If you are a teacher or health educator of students in grades K-6, register and complete the short and convenient training to become an official HeartSmart Kids™ educator – certificate included! After completing the training you will have access to online support, all of the original educator guides, plus easy ordering of the new comprehensive print resources for every student, which are renewable every year for each new class – all for free!

Both our print resources and our online training tool have been updated in 2015 – all educators will need to register again but once you’ve re-registered you will be able to simply re order without completing the training again.

For new educators, once you’ve registered and are certified, you are for life! Login and click “reorder” every year to receive free resources for every new class.

Thank you for building a healthier generation of children and youth through HeartSmart Kids™ and with the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

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As of September 4, 2015 you must register and create a new account to order resources and access our new online training tool.

You will only need to do this once and if you forget your password in future please use the password recovery tool with your name or original email you registered with.

You can log in with your username or the email attached to your account.


The HeartSmart Kids™ Site has detected you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. To use our interactive web tool please upgrade your browser.

Thank you for your interest in HeartSmart Kids™

We’ve updated and expanded our printed materials and have revamped our online tool this year. If you’ve used this program in the past you will need to register again, but can then simply re order the materials for your classroom.

Please click the “Register” button to sign up for the new HeartSmart Kids™ tool. After confirming your account you can learn about the new HeartSmart Kids™ activities featured in our expanded and revised printed materials, and order materials for use in your classroom.

You must register and place an order to receive the materials.

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