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Welcome to HeartSmart Kids™!

If you are a teacher or health educator of students in grades K-6, register and complete the short and convenient online training to become an official HeartSmart Kids™ (HSK) educator – certificate included! After completing the training you will have access to background information on each health topic, online support, options to share stories and feedback, plus easy annual reordering – all for free!

Below is an overview of how to become an HSK educator and receive free activity books for your students year after year. Thank you for building a healthier generation of children and youth through HeartSmart Kids™ and with Heart & Stroke!

How to become a HeartSmart Kids™ Educator

Below are the steps you need to take to become a HeartSmart Kids™ educator and receive your free full color printed activity books. Scroll down to see the steps need to complete to receive your materials.

Registration: Create a Profile

All educators need to register and create a profile to order activity books, but once you’ve registered you will be able to simply reorder each year without completing the training again.

Register Now


Log In

Using your email & password, log into your personal HeartSmart Kids™ account.

Log In

Complete the Online Training or Attend a Workshop.

To complete the online training, travel along the path and learn about heart & brain health and the resources you and your students will be receiving. Finish all the steps in order to become a Certified HeartSmart Kids Educator and download a PDF certificate of your achievement in your profile.

You can also attend an in-person workshop in order to become eligible to order your class set of activity books online.


Order & Post Workshops Order

Once you’ve either completed all of the steps, or attended an in-person workshop, you will be eligible to order activity books for your students. Place an order for delivery to receive your books within 3 weeks.

Receive Student Activity Books

Use the background information on each health topic, online support, and free comprehensive activity books for every student to guide your lessons on educating a healthier generation of children and youth through HeartSmart Kids™ and with Heart & Stroke!


Reorder Activity Books

After you have become a certified HeartSmart Kids™ Educator you can simply reorder your free activity books without having to complete the online training again, just log in, confirm your information, and place your reorder.