AboutHeartSmart Kids

The HeartSmart Kids™ (HSK) program has been educating students in grades K to 6 for over 25 years in BC & Yukon and has now expanded into Indigenous communities across the country. This program is designed to support educators in teaching children and their families what they can do to practice brain and heart healthy habits by providing free print and digital resources. HSK is directed to health educators including school teachers, nurses, dietitians after-school program facilitators, community educators etc. Become an HSK educator today and register now!

How to become a HeartSmart Kids™ Educator

Below are the steps you need to take to become a HeartSmart Kids™ Educator and receive your free full color printed activity books. Scroll down to see the steps need to complete to receive your materials.

1. Registration – Create a Profile: All educators need to register and create a profile to order activity books, but once you’ve registered you will be able to simply reorder each year without completing the certification module again

2. Login: Using your email & password, log into your personal HeartSmart Learning™ account.

3. Complete the quick 30-minute online certification module: To complete the module and become certified, travel along the path and learn about heart & brain health and the resources you and your students will be receiving. Finish all the steps in order to become a certified HeartSmart Kids™ Educator and download a PDF certificate of your achievement in your profile.

4. Order your FREE student activity books: Once you’ve completed the online certification module, you will be eligible to order FREE activity books for every student. Place an order for delivery to receive your books within 3 weeks.

5. Your shipment has arrived! Refer to all the health-related information you learned in the HeartSmart Kids™ Educator certification module, the Heart & Stroke website, and the free comprehensive activity books for every student to guide your lessons on educating a healthier generation of children and youth through HeartSmart Kids™ and with Heart & Stroke!

6. Reorder every year: After you have become a certified HeartSmart Kids™ Educator you can simply reorder your free activity books without having to complete the online module again, just log in, confirm your information, fill out a quick survey, and place your reorder for your new class.

Thank you for supporting HeartSmart Kids™!


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