AboutHeartSmart SOLVE


Welcome! Thank you for choosing the HeartSmart™ SOLVE mystery activity for your students. This activity will take approximately 45 minutes for students to complete and should be done in one sitting. There are three options for how to complete it: online (students have access to individual computers and submit answers online), hybrid (students have access to single classroom screen and submit answers using printed sheets), and offline (students have no digital access and submit answers using printed sheets). Once you have registered and are logged in, you will be able to see the different options for completing the activity once you enter a new class.

How SOLVE Helps

The HeartSmart™ SOLVE learning tool was developed to enable educators of students in grades 7-9 on an important health topic: the risks of vaping. This learning tool is an engaging and visually interesting activity designed to guide students through a mystery, called “What Happened to Payton”. By reading through the evidence files, they will be able to uncover that Payton’s schoolwork and his extracurricular sport activities were negatively impacted by vaping. Students will also be able to read more about Heart & Stroke’s position on vaping and discover from interviews with medical professionals the reasons why it is so important to not start vaping.

How Registration Works

If you are a teacher or health educator of students in grades 7-9, register and select the HS SOLVE dashboard to enter a new class for the activity. If you have previously registered as a HeartSmart Kids™ (HSK) educator, you can log in using your same information and will now also have access to the HeartSmart™ SOLVE dashboard.


Heart & Stroke is proud to have collaborated with original SOLVE Mystery Toolkit creator Asha Hollis and co-developer Emily Downey to launch the new HeartSmart™ SOLVE digital tool.

Original SOLVE Mystery Toolkit Acknowledgements

Toolkit Creative Conception by:
Asha Hollis (MD/MSc student, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB)

Toolkit Developed by:
Asha Hollis (MD/MSc student, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB)
Emily Downey (BHSc student, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB)

Educational materials reviewed by:
Dr. Aravind Ganesh (Neurology Resident-Physician, Calgary, AB)
Dr. Kirsten Ebbert (Pediatric Respirology Fellow, Calgary, AB)
Mr. Madsen (Ecole Secondaire Notre Dame High School, Red Deer, AB)
Mr. Batchelor (St. Joseph’s High School, Red Deer, AB)
Ms. Whitney Campagne (Robert Thirsk High School, Calgary, AB)

Original website created by:
Janet Leahy (MSc Computer Sciences student, University of Calgary, Calgary AB)
Seong Eon Ha (BHSc student, University of Calgary, Calgary AB)

Select artwork and school outreach by:
Shaelene Standing (BHSc student, University of Calgary, Calgary AB)

What Happened to Payton and Medical Professionals Films directed by:
Emil Agopian (Film Director, Calgary AB)

Toolkit development funded by:
Health Canada, Substance Use and Addictions Program