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Welcome to HeartSmart Kids™

HeartSmart Kids™ (HSK) is a powerful set of resources for educators, students and families created in partnership with Indigenous organizations and communities to help develop a better understanding and awareness of overall heart and brain health. The resources include Indigenous health perspectives and promotes behaviours that contribute to a holistic approach to health. Learning experiences cover topics such as being active and eating nutritious foods, but also include heart and brain anatomy, access to food, the effects of sugary drinks and screen time, the importance of mental and spiritual health, marketing to kids and vaping awareness, building healthy communities, easy illustrated recipes, and much more!

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Program & Resources

The HSK program and resources include the following:

  • A short 30-minute educator module to become a lifelong HSK certified educator
  • Access to FREE full-colour activity books for every student, shipped FREE to any location in Canada
  • HSK at Home: All new activities each month for download to use in the classroom or home
  • HSK Storytelling: A video library co-created with Indigenous artists and storytellers for HSK


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